Lucia’s Garden and holistic wellness center was founded by Lucia Bettler in 1984.   The shop has grown throughout the years, it remains a small, cottage-style business, where the emphasis is on creating community, all the while striving to inspire and nourish each customer’s mind, body and spirit.  We offer a wide variety of tools to help each other to live more mindful and fulfilled lives.  Whether you come to admire or meditate, relax on our couches to read a great book, or awaken your senses through the music and scents that fill the rooms, come and enjoy this secret Houston treasure.

While you are here, stroll through the “Green Circle Shops” and visit our neighbors to savor a lovely pot of tea and cookies at the Path of Tea or delight in an organic meal at Field of GreensRuggles Green or Aka Sushi House

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  1. Do you have a recommendation for a colonic irrigation therapist? Sat-Siri Sumler referred me to you. I’d appreciate a referral.

  2. I’m looking for raw or polished sapphire crystals , stones or spheres, or if I can special order from you guys I’d love it.

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