Energy Healer & Animal Communicator – Penni


Energy Healer and Animal Communicator – Penni 

Since a young girl Penni has had a very strong connection to animals and a passion for healing. As the years passed that passion became a skill and a learned art. Today she heals, communicates, and teaches whole body health for people and animals of all walks of life using the many tools she has collected through the years.

As an animal communicator and healer, Penni has worked with many incredible animals and passionate pet owners. Today she works with both humans and pets to bring full body awareness, healing, and health both physically and emotionally. Her services include animal communication, Reiki healing, muscle testing, nutrition coaching, yoga therapy, massage, essential oil and much more.

Through body scanning and muscle testing we uncover sensitivities, imbalances, blockages, etc. Most importantly we discover what modalities and therapies are best suited for your individual needs. You will return home relaxed and with the tools for you to continue forward and progress.


$40.00 for 30 minutes (Animal Sessions)
$60.00 for 1 hour minimum (Human Session)

For more information or to schedule an appointment call:  (713) 523-5901