Wed. August 10th : Julia Childs French Dishes


Wed. August 10th – 6:30 pm to 10 pm – $65.00 : Julia Childs French Dishes for an American Kitchen

Like so many of you, Lucia loved the movie “Julie & Julia” and was inspired to offer an evening of some of Julia Child’s classic recipes. Step by step, follow the master’s advice, learning new techniques to help you enjoy your time creating in the kitchen. Come prepared for a delightful evening. The menu: Coquilles St. Jacques a la Provencale (scallops with wine, garlic and herbs), Canapés aux Epinards (spinach and cheese canapés), Carottes a la Forestiere (braised carrots with artichoke hearts and mushrooms), Riz au Beurre (buttered rice), and Le Marquis Chocolat (chocolate sponge cake).

Wed. July 27th : Fresh Herbs in Your Kitchen


Wed. July 27th : Fresh Herbs in Your Kitchen, 6:30 pm to 10 pm – $65.00

Fresh herbs are easily available at your local grocery store and you can even buy starter plants there, too.  Lucia has been teaching people about cooking with herbs for over 30 years and has a wonderful herb garden brimming with fresh flavors.  In the class you will learn how to combine herbs into blends, make your own herb vinegars and create herb butters.  Our menu includes: Ratatouille with fresh sage, basil & oregano, Baked Zucchini Boats with Beef, Veal and Italian Herb Blend, Field Greens and Bibb lettuce with Hearts of Palms and Goat Cheese Tarragon Dressing followed by Parsley & Chive Herb Buttered on Fingerling Potatoes and for dessert Dark Chocolate Brownies with Peppermint & Chocolate Cabernet Glaze.

Wed. July 13: Fiesta for Frida Kahlo


Wed. July 13th, 2016 – Fiesta for Frida Kahlo, 6:30 pm to 10 pm  $65.00  

Learn how to begin a passionate love affair with a beautiful and intriguing woman.  Over 100 years ago, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón (best known as simply Frida Kahlo) was born near Mexico City.  This colorful woman loved to create fabulous meals for her friends and family.  Join Lucia as she teaches you to prepare a delicious meal to celebrate the birthday of this famous Mexican artist.  In her honor, we will prepare red snapper Veracruz, Mexican flag rice, Shrimp ceviche escuinapa, Squash salad, Jamaica water with limes & oranges and tres leches cake.

Wed. June 22 : Paris Bistro Cooking


Wed. June 22, Paris Bistro Cooking – 6:30 pm to 10 pm  $65.00

In the classic movie Sabrina, Audrey Hepburn says, “Paris is always a good idea.” Since most of us cannot hop on a plane to Paris at a moment’s notice, let Lucia’s kitchen bring Paris to you with her new class based on classic French country cooking – Using an abundance of fresh herbs, wine and organic ingredients, come and savor the flavors of a Parisian Bistro. The menu: Soupe au Pistou (organic vegetables in a vegetable-basil pesto broth), Salade d’endives aux Roquefort (Belgian endive salad with celery, walnuts, and Roquefort), Poulet roti aux herbes and citron (free range roasted chicken with thyme, bay and lemon), carottes a la crème aux herbes (carrots with cream and herbs), Tomatoes farcies (tomatoes stuffed with ground beef, bacon, and herbes de provence), Mousse au chocolat (chocolate mousse)

Wed. May 4th : A Taste of Spain Paella & More



Wed. May 4th, 6:30 pm to 10 pm, $65.00 :  A Taste of Spain – Paella & More

The color, freshness, and delicious variety of Spanish cooking are captured in this class that begins with the sea’s bounty.  Although simple to cook, the food embodies the diverse history of Spain, with culinary influences from the Moors as well as the “New World”.  Lucia will delight you with: seafood paella, Pelotas en salsa rojo (tiny meatballs in red sherry sauce), tomatoes rellenos a la alicantina (stuffed tomatoes with spinach and pine nuts), ensalada de naranjas Valencianas (Valencia orange and onion salad), and Valencia chocolate mousse.

Sept 8: Under the Tuscan Sun

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Under The Tuscan Sun - Houston Cooking Class


Tuesday, September 8th
6:30 to 10 pm

The beauty and simplicity of Tuscan countryside living beckons to us.

Come to Lucia’s kitchen where only the freshest ingredients are allowed. Herbs picked right from the garden and Italian opera provides the backdrop for an evening of cooking the “cuisine of the sun.”

Menu: spinach pasta with asparagus and lemon peel, baked yellow peppers with ricotta and herbs, basil and lemon chicken with summer squash and mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and basil with balsamic vinegar and pine nuts, and buttermilk lemon cake with fresh berries and lemon verbena.

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